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Custody and Parenting Issues

There is no greater privilege or responsibility than raising our children. It is demanding and difficult and can become more difficult if parents have separated, are in the midst of a divorce or have already divorced and can’t agree on custody, visitation, or other issues related to children. The disagreement can arise out of true differences as to what each parent believes is in the children’s best interest, but also can be caused, or made worse, by financial pressure, drug or alcohol abuse or addiction, mental health issues, or parental alienation. 

Regardless of the reason for the disagreement, there are two certainties – a custody battle through the court system will destroy children and drain a family of all of its financial resources. The effects of a contested custody case on children are devastating and long lasting, affecting their ability to develop and sustain relationships and impacting their emotional development and health.

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Why Use LCCDR for Custody and Parenting Issues

LCCDR has a panel of divorce lawyers experienced in custody arrangements, and professionals, including a child psychologist, who can discuss child development, appropriate parenting schedules and appropriate therapy for mental health issues with parents. We also offer the services of parenting coordinators who work with high conflict parents on a regular basis, or on an as-needed basis, to address issues and give recommendations relating to such things as scheduling, activities, educational or medical issues, summer camps or extracurricular activities. This service is provided outside the courtroom arena and encourages and teaches the parents to develop co-parenting skills. We can provide the services that will assist parents in resolving custody and mediation issues between themselves rather than have a judge, who knows nothing of your family or children, make decisions that will have a life long impact on you, your parenting and our children. 

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