Probate Disputes

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Probate Disputes

Probate Court takes on cases where families are struggling. The struggle may be to care for a family member with a mental disability who can’t take on life by him or herself, or its family who has lost a family member and there are disagreements with disassembling the family home. Or it is a will contest.

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Alternative Dispute Resolution Offers

  1. Privacy.  Probate issues are among the most intimate of problems. ADR takes the family OUT of the courtroom, out of a public spotlight, and into a setting that is better equipped to resolve the matter at hand, usually without a lot of fuss.
  2. Agreed Time Frame.  Many probate matters are time-sensitive.  Key to your particular issue:  the case is on an agreed timetable for resolution.
  3. Structure.  Our Center provides the manner and format for settling matters.
  4. Professional Assistance.  Our neutrals are retired probate judges and experienced attorneys who recognize the efficacy of resolving a family’s turmoil, a child’s welfare, an adult’s care, and the disposition of estate assets in a forum which maintains the privacy of issue but also applies the skills of the neutral to the task at hand. Experts are brought in to assist where needed:  medical professionals, care providers, asset valuators.
  5. Fixed and Agreed Fee.  Our Center provides fee-certain services, tailored to the complexity of the matter at hand, keeping fees in proportion to the matter at hand, and far exceeding the judicial system’s ability to curtail costs.
  6. Participation.  The matter at hand involves the family, and solutions may have to be unique and suited to the circumstances.  The forum is designed to expect your input.

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