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Disputes to resolve the boundaries between two neighbors, or the right of way to a body of water can be the most contentious of issues. Likewise, issues that arise in the purchase or sale of a piece of real estate, where everyone wants the deal to close, can be the most delicate to resolve.

Benefits of Our Center for Real Estate Issues

With real property issues, here are the benefits of our Center:

  • Fast Resolution. Whether it is a real estate transaction needing to close, or trying to preserve a harmonious neighborhood, there is value to an expeditious resolution.  We provide a time-certain forum.
  • Who wants an ugly dispute with a neighbor?  Or a contentious closing?  An agreed submittal to our forum means two sides are agreeing to work quietly to resolve the problem.
  • Knowledgeable Neutrals. The Litchfield County Center for Dispute Resolution provides trained Neutrals.  Real Estate law in the United States has principles founded in feudal days but which form the underlayment of our present system.  Our chosen professionals are grounded in real estate law, but mindful of preserving relationships.
  • Fixed and Agreed Fee. The costs of submitting your issue are known and agreed.

“Good fences make good neighbors”. In Robert Frost’s poem “Mending Wall,” two neighbors walk the length of their dividing wall each spring to replace its fallen or unsettled stonework. The author does not understand the purpose of the fence, but with his neighbor’s uttered statement, he feels compelled to continue this yearly ritual with his neighbor. Are fences the same physical manifestation of a dispute as a pair of crossed arms? Or rather, do they provide a healthy boundary between friends and neighbors, defining a well-balanced relationship?

We look at resolving disputes differently

Contact us for more information on how to resolve your dispute quickly and privately.

Committed to helping our clients resolve disputes

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